Happiness is not by chance, but by choice - By Jim Rohn.

MIRA (Mai.ra) is a global motivational organization which focuses on how to help people to live a quality life.

Happy World Mental Health Day!

In order to remain mentally, physically and emotionally healthy, we need to make some efforts. Healthy mind can help us to live a quality life so meditate regularly & notice what kind of thoughts you have in your mind. Remain happy. If you need our help, don't hesitate to contact us!

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We Also take online classes through video calls/confernce & audio-videos presentation. contact us for details.

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Welcome to MIRA (Mai.ra)

In the present scenario, no academic or corporate organization can be imagined without goal setting which leads it to the complex process of its goal achievements. Hence, it is significant to steer the organizations and their employees towards their set of goals. For which, the employees need the appropriate training and development. So, MIRA conducts various training sessions for PSUs, Private Sectors, and Academic Organizations.

Age with Grace (English)

FTC & Miracles

Forget and Live a Happy and Healthy Life (Hindi)

Attitude Matters!!

Anger Management (Hindi)

Inner Strength to Overcome Negative Words

Crying, A Natural Pain Killer

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts in two minutes

Positive Self-Talks and Success

Prominent Components of MIRA (Mai.ra)

Personal & Professional Success

»  How to be Money Magnet
»  Create your Reality
»  How to be Positive
»  How to be Successful
»  Meditate & Change your Life
»  How to Influence People

Be a Successful Leader

» Time Management
» Stress Management
» Work-Life Balance
» Vision, Planning, and Accomplishment
» How to Work in a Team Effectively

Motivation, Performance & Success

» Intrinsic Motivation (Self-motivation)
» Behavioral Classes
» Teaching: Motivation and Management
» Conflict Management
» Crisis Management
» Communication Skills
» Problem Solving Skills
» Talent Management
» Problem Solving Skills
» How to make Presentation: Strategies and Skills

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