Welcome to MIRA (Mai.ra)

In the present scenario, no academic or corporate organisation can be imagined without goal setting which leads to the complex process of their accomplishment. Hence, it is significant to steer the organisations and their employees towards their set of goals. Thus, the employees need the appropriate training and development for the accomplishment of their goals.

MIRA (Mai.ra) stands for MOTIVATION, INFORMATION, RATIONALE, and ASSOCIATION. We experience that many of us are filled with mammoth energy and have vibrant persona yet we are compelled to live average lives. Why? Despite our extraordinary efforts, we live ordinary lives as we are scared of taking risk.

Well, we’ve heard that opportunity knocks once but Mai.ra feels that opportunities come to us several times in different forms though we’re not able to recognize them and unfortunately, we're not ready to embrace them.

So, Mai.ra believes in ‘Self Enhancement’ through training and development which helps us to prepare ourselves for the global competition and live the wonderful lives.

Our objectives are helping people to live qualitative lives by training them in the following skills:

  • Self-grooming
  • Confidence Building
  • Motivation
  • Psychological Development
  • Balance between work and life

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